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We at Savage Ancient Seas® understand the importance of marketing to and engaging with visitors of all ages using various value-added opportunities, as well as giving your frontline representatives the tools to provide a robust visitor experience. Thus, we have created a diverse exhibit that includes a wide variety of elements to allow for a variety of engagement types. These include:

  • A crate full of handling casts and real fossils travels with the exhibit for use by volunteers and educators as they interact with classes and other guests.

  • A 24-page booklet of resources and activities that correlates the exhibit with national education standards offers teachers opportunities to extend the learning in their classrooms before and after their class visit.

  • Touch stations.

  • Detailed signage about every replica on display.

  • Touchscreens, videos, and mobile device content to help increase engagement and understanding.


Savage Ancient Seas® also provides graphics, images, and a sample press release to assist with getting the word out about each venue's exhibition run, and we regularly make ourselves available for press interviews following setting the exhibit up. We can even assist with Savage Ancient Seas® merchandise and other relevant items appropriate for your gift shop.


About the Exhibit


All display pieces include detailed signage about the featured animals including information such as their name and its meaning, their diet, where they lived, and other interesting facts.

Touch Tables

The exhibit includes a variety of touchable artifacts to allow guests to get up close with the specimens.

Video Content

Throughout the exhibit you will find several short videos that give important insights to what is featured within.

Touch Tables

The exhibit includes a variety of touchable artifacts to allow guests to get up close with the specimens.

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Along with the touch tables, the exhibit also includes touchscreen displays to provide another interactive experience for guests. Additionally, visitors can interact with these displays via their own personal devices such as phones or tablets to help reduce physical contact.


Shark Jaws

A perennial favorite, these 9ft replica Megalodon jaws are always a hit with guests. We set them up to allow guests to step behind and take a photo of themselves standing within the jaws.


We can even assist you with stocking your giftshop with a variety of museum grade replicas related to the exhibit such as Megalodon teeth.

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